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from now on all those journals that need of personal use will be of personal use,for if you try submitting one THEY WILL BE IGNORED, no exceptions. I mean come on guys, these are personal... and they're getting annoying as they come up as a major journal within this group...

In an easier way of saying:

Let's see NO commission bulletins, no ads, no 'i'm open to drawing/writing hetalia.... etc.',no blah blah blah.... etc

Basically you see that this is what I mean... all the stuff up listed is of people what people are putting it up on a major journal that its simple enough to be put on a personal one,like that you/others won't annoy people with spammage that can be prevented.

Just stop it.... its childish and it can,to several people,make the writer seem like an attention seeker...

Like this we can make journals less tiring and spammy in people's inboxes

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