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Welcome Members

~~Welcome all Members~~

The only rules are not to be mean and if you submit anything with nudity, it has to have mature content.
Other than that, I hope you all like the group :D


PS: Please submit all artwork/fanfictions into the right folders. The featured folder will be off limits. For more information on the Featured folder please go to the journal link here: hetalianationsunite.deviantart…

Gallery Folders

Different AU
Nyo Talia
Pairings and OTPs
2p Hetalia
MMDs and Others
Lemons or Limes
Contest - School Hetalia


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Newest Members

From :iconkittykatrocks12: :
2 stories
reader inserts
Nonreader inserts
20 points

From :iconmanajiwinp: :
1 watch
1 colored half-shot
1 colored chibi commision

From :iconValerieBonnefor: :
1 full body colored drawing

From :iconmiyukikudo: :
1 fully colored chibi headshot
1 fully colored full body chibi

From :iconvodka-and-maple: :
20 points
1 oneshot
1 story

Llamas from all judges
Hello everyone! I have been thinking lately that groups are always getting questions like "How do I join?" or "How do I submit things?" or even "How do I saend a note to the group?"

So now I will be looking for people to make guides for this. Your guide will be added to the front page on the group and will be given thanks as well. I would do this myself guys but sadly I cannot do much on this school laptop. So thanks for helping out guys!

How to join the group
How to send a note
How to become a contributor
How to submit art
How to suggest a fav
How to feature folder

If you have any questions please just ask!
When writing your fanfiction remember to draw the readers in with an interesting start to the story. This will help get you higher points! If you are writing a fanfiction please remember to keep the smut to a minimum!

Topic: School AU

Your topic can have ANYTHING to do with school. {Example: Hogwarts!Hetalia, Highschool!Hetalia, Gakuen Hetalia} If your artwork has nothing to do with school then it will not be entered in the contest.


So far rewards have not been set to certain winners {Such as 1st place 2nd and such}

20 points from: :iconvodka-and-maple:

1 oneshot from: :iconvodka-and-maple:

1 free watch from: :iconmanajiwinp:

1 halfshot colored commision from: :iconmanajiwinp:

1 colored chibi commision from: :iconmanajiwinp:

1 full bodied color drawing from: :iconvaleriebonnefoy:

1 fully colored chibi headshot from: :iconmiyukikudo:

1 fully colored full body chibi from: :iconmiyukudo:

Llamas from all judges


So far there are still only 2 judges and openings for judges will be closed Sept. 10th. To be a judge you must be a contributor or co-founder and cannot participate in the contest. Go back to the Contributors journal for more information on how you can join.

Judges so far: :iconvodka-and-maple: and :iconvaleriebonnefoy:

The contest folder is now OPEN! Cannot wait to see/read all the wonderful artwork guys!
Thanks for participating!
Hello! Ciao! Bonjour! Hola! Privet!

We are glad to announce that we have come up with a contest! The theme is School. So far you can submit anything to fanfictions or art. Please send your contest art to the given folder which will be able to be entered today!

You can submit any AU that involves school or just a regular Gakuen Hetalis art. The school can be any kind, (example: Hogwarts AU) so please be sure to think about what your writing.

So far we have 3 rewards and 2 judges. We do need more admins as judges. We have not yet gotten all five contributors but we will have that finished up this weekend.

Rewards so far:

20 points given by: :iconvodka-and-maple:

1 One-shot given by: :iconvodka-and-maple:

1 full body colored drawing given by: :iconvaleriebonnefoy:

1 fully colored chibi headshot given by: :iconmiyukikudo:

Llamas given by all judges.

We have not discussed what rewards go to what places. This will be covered this weekend.

The deadline for all of the contest will be October 1st. All information should be complete by August 30th.

If you would like to give a reward let use know and we will add it to the list.

Thanks for participating!
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